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Summer Celebration Fun!

Our ‘Summer Celebration” was a big success! The weather was HOT but cooled off Monday afternoon quite quickly, in fact, we wrapped up an hour early because it was threatening rain. We didn’t have as many people as usual for the smoked brisket on a bun dinner but we had more in the classes than we usually have. We had enough tents that we could move our tables and chairs around to stay in the shade and we had lots of water bottles on ice for everyone. I think a big hit (as usual) was Marilyn’s arrangement class where everyone made a basket arrangement and we were able to take them home. We learned lots about growing and judging both gladiolus and dahlias and everyone had lots of practice in going out into the gardens and cutting dahlias and identifying the forms and then learning how to judge them. Lunch on Monday was provided (left-overs from Sunday) and the Trial Gardens were stunning as well as the rest of the grounds and gardens. Many thanks to Lorne and Marilyn MacArthur for hosting this event.

Summer Celebration August 2 & 3, 2020

Come out and see the beautiful blooms in our Trial Garden and join us for smoked brisket supper on Sunday at 5 pm. Make a floral arrangement to take home under the expert direction of Marilyn McArthur (1 pm on Sunday), learn how to grow glads with Ken Jensen and Reg Powys-Lybbe (10 am Sunday) and then on Monday learn how to identify dahlias with Debbie Hatt and then a mini-show to practice what you learned! Everything is free! Bring your own chairs, utensils, cups, notepads, pens and bag lunch for Sunday lunch and Monday lunch.

Dahlia Tuber sale

Our club members have selected the tubers they want so here is a list of the tubers we have left. $5 per tuber OR, if you decide to become a member (which is $20 per year) it is $4 per tuber.

Alberta Pride 2012 B FD Flame 2 left
Bitsa 6107 MB DR 3 left
Bodacious 0106 AA ID R 2 left
Cameo Peach 2010 B FD LB 2 left
Echo Celia 2015 BB FD LB 1 left
Edna C 2002 B FD Y 4 left
Ferncliff Illusion 2110 B ID LB 4 left
Gloriossa 2014 B FD Red 4 left
Hamari Accord 2203 BB SC Y 2 left
Hart’s Blood Red 1007 A FD DR 2 left
Helen Richmond 2108 B ID Lav 1 left
Kenora Macob 2507 B LC DR 3 left
Lyn’s Marilyn 60070 BA DR 5 left
Mingus Alex 2107 B ID DR 2 left
My Love 3201 BB FD W 6 left
Papageno 0110 AA ID LB 2 left
Parkland Tribute 3005 BB FD DP 2 left
Ruby Foss 2006 B FD R 5 left
Stanza 3011 BB WL BR 10 left
Tahiti Sunrise 3213 BB SC DB 2 left
Verda 1201 A SC WH 3 left
Vuurvogel 2212 B SC Flame 1 left
Wanda’s Capella 0102 AA ID Y 6 left
Wanda’s Aurora 0110 AA FD LB 5 left
0106 AA ID Red 2 left
  • Also a few that I don’t have pics of: Merlin (2), Fubuk Sakarra (2), Electric Assorted (4), Daniel’s Favorite (1), Chi Cher Lara (4), Echo Lutz (4)

Alberta Dahlia and Gladiolus Society Garden Party – AUGUST 4-5, 2019

Following on the great fun (and learning!) had by all at our Garden Party last year, the ADGS is hosting another Garden Party Weekend. This year it is on Sunday and Monday August 4-5. It is a packed schedule full of excellent workshops on dahlia and gladiolus judging and growing for show quality blooms! The schedule is as follows:

SUNDAY AUG 4, 2019
9:00 AM: Design course and basket arrangements presented by Marilyn McArthur. Baskets and flowers supplied or bring your own.
11:30 am: Quick course on Dahlia forms by Ken Jensen.
Noon: Bring a bag lunch
1:00 pm: Judging school for gladiolus. Presented by Reg and Marlene Powys-Lybbe.
2:30: Prepare for a mini-show! Everyone will learn how to stage and present their dahlias and glads in a judged show and everyone will have a chance to practice judging. There will be some blooms available and/or bring your own. There will be a ‘People’s Choice” in the dahlia, gladiolus, and basket categories.
4:00 pm: Open house for socializing and viewing the arrangements and voting.
5:00 ish: Beef on a bun supper. Members please bring a salad or dessert and lawn chairs.

MONDAY AUG 5, 2019
9:30 am till noon: Judging school for dahlias presented by Ken Jensen. Topics covered will include colour coding.
Noon: lunch with leftovers.
1:00 till 3:00: Judging school for dahlias presented by Ken Jensen Part 2. Topics include scoring at the Trial Garden.
Upcoming event: Annual Show Aug 23 and 24th, 2019 at the Pidherney Curling Centre in Red Deer.
For info contact: Ken Jensen 403-782-5095 or Marilyn and Lorne McArthur 403-346-4902.

Hope to see you there!