These planting tips have worked with some of our members in the past, if you have other methods you have found successful please feel to leave a comment. You can do this by clicking the “leave a comment” below. Your knowledge will help us grow better dahlias.


  • Bring tubers fifteen days… three weeks out of cold storage to stimulate and break dormancy.
  • Transfer to an area of normal house temperatures.
  • Check tubers for any root or softness.
  • If tubers are in a clump form, wait for the eyes to show and then divide tubers off of the clump.
  • When the eyes are evident, pick out the stronger eyes tubers and prepare to pot them.
  • Using 6”‐8” pots, fill them ¾ full with planting soil or peat moss.
  • Plant the tuber in a horizontal position, with the eye ½” below the surface of the soil.
  • In two weeks, green foliage should begin to appear.
  • By June 1st you should be able to transplant them outside to your garden.
  • Each plant should have three sets of leaves and be 6”‐8”. Keep in mind, DAHILAS CANNOT STAND ANY FROST. Before doing this, make sure to check the weather forecast.

Started Dahlia Tubers


In central Alberta, we plant our tubers directly into the ground between the 15th of May and the 1stof June.

Weather varies each year, so we cannot stress enough to check the weather report.


  • The soil should be rototilled or dug to a depth of 8”‐10”.
  • A 10‐10‐10 or 14‐14‐14 slow release fertilizer can be dug in at the same time.
  • Stakes should be put in the ground with each plant.
  • The stakes should be 3’ high and spaced approximately 20” apart.

Eight Week Old Dahlias


  • Place the plants next to the stake and tie the plant to it. You should use a non‐abrasive material, such: light string, cotton, nylon, pantyhose, etc.
  • Place the tuber with the eye next to the stake, the tuber should be horizontal with the eye covered with ½” of soil.


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  1. I have never grown dahlia before, one has some green growth, the other has one small eye. I have just taken them out of the package, do I need to plant the first one in a pot and wait on the other to sprout more? I live in zone 7. Thanks

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