Thursday June 14

Wayne and Larry took a ride up the road to the Muttart Conservatory and visited with Yolanda, Eric and James. Yolanda, the lady in charge of planting the tubers and raising the dahlias to show stage was concerned the plants were getting to big and going to be ahead of schedule with the flowers.

Wayne took two books from the American Dahlia Society with charts on the time it takes from first appearance of the bud to full  flower, Yolanda was ecstatic, that was the information she was missing! Wayne then showed her how to pinch and prune the buds to force the flowers at different stages so she could time the blooms to be continuous for the August 4th to September 16th show. They also discussed changing the fertilizer to enhance the flowers.  Some of this will be covered in the bud pruning session at Lorne McArthur’s on July 31 so if you have questions make sure to attend … it’s on the calendar.

We took pictures in the greenhouse and you can see the plants are in excellent condition. We will visit again on the second week of July to check the progress on the plants.

Next we visited with Eric, the young man in charge of the plants once they are moved to the Exhibition Building. He showed us a layout floor plan and explained that they moved the bricks to created the raised flower beds on the plan. Eric then gave us tips on taking pictures and made arrangements for us to get in before the show started to take our pictures.

James checked in back and forth to make sure everyone had what they needed. Everyone was enthusiastic and excited… it should be a great show!! And all of this because of an idea and a lot of hard work and trips back and forth  by Margo Kusiek … what a worker!!!! Thanks Margo it will be great to watch this all come together!!

There is a bus trip scheduled to leave Red Deer on August 13 to visit the Muttart display and view two gardens, please register with Lorne McArthur  (403-346-4902)or Wayne Roberts (403-347-7482)  so we know how many are going. Cost for the bus is $30.oo for members and $40.00 for non members. Details are on the calendar.

To view slideshow, please do not click the [show as slide show] button. As misleading as this sounds, simply click any of the pictures and the slideshow will appear in a much superior fashion.

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  1. thank you for the info on tour to Muttart Lornes phone has been listed wronge it is 403 346 4902 Wayne said to leave his 403 347 7482 please tell friends who you know who would not have a way of going otherwise.

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