North American Gladiolus Council

The Alberta Dahlia and Gladiolus  Society is pleased to be an affiliate of the North America Gladiolus Council.

The N.A.G.C. site is one of the best relative to information on the culture of the gladiolus.  Also of special interest is the gladiolus registry.  N.A.G.C. provides the official registry for new introductions from North America throughout the world and these can be seen along with descriptions on their site.  Past year’s registrations can also be viewed.  By going to the registry one can see pictures of recent introductions that may not be pictured in the catalogue.  Because registrations are made throughout the year, the first place a new variety can be viewed will often be in the registry.  The site’s Calendar provides information about upcoming shows and events.

An extensive listing of North American corm suppliers can be found on this site with links to those suppliers.  Note:  Peeters Enterprises in Canada is listed.

Other Gladiolus sites of interest:

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