Promoting the Growing and Showing of Dahlias and Glads

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About Us

Welcome! We are a group of dahlia and gladiolus enthusiasts in Alberta, Canada! We like to keep our group simple and informal and we meet often at the Piper Creek Trial Garden in Red Deer. In the early Spring we get all our dahlia tubers out of winter storage and swap with each other and sell the extras. In the later Spring we all meet to plant the dahlia tubers and gladiolus corms in the trial garden. 

Jester Glad
Jester Glad

Our History

It takes an idea to become a dream, which can become a reality. Lengthy hours of discussions, many more hours of work and networking, and a committed group of individuals is what it took to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Such is the story of the Alberta Dahlia and Glad Society…

Piper Creek Trial Garden

Trial Gardens are the instrument which all seed growers use to develop new varieties of seeds to feed the world and beautify our yards. Governments and Departments of Agriculture around the world sponsor seedlings for food trial gardens; seed companies employ the best geneticists to breed new varieties of plants. The American Dahlia Society  employs the same method for dahlias.