About Membership

Membership Benefits of Alberta Dahlia & Gladiolus Society ~ ADGS

  • Attend free workshops with experienced growers to learn how to propagate, grow, prune, fertilize, show, and store both dahlias and glads. 
  • Likelihood that you will learn some gardening tricks of the trade (e.g. Sea Soil to enhance the soil; Ammonia to kill slugs, etc.). 
  • Option to purchase products that have been ordered in bulk or grown by other members (e.g. sea soil, vases, tubers, corms). 
  • Opportunity to visit various gardens around Alberta. 
  • Enjoyment of gardening with others at the Piper Creek Trial Gardens. 
  • Prospect of developing and creating a new variety of dahlia that may be marketed throughout North America. 
  • Option for contact with other gardening associations and accessing their brochures and bulletins (American Dahlia Society, NAGC).  
  • Likelihood of being informed of and attending International Flower Shows increases. 
  • Access to the ADGS website with the potential of contributing articles and information. 
  • Opportunity to both learn about showing flowers and to participate in organizing and taking part in a flower show. 
  • Chance to take free judging courses to become a recognized judge with the American Dahlia Society.
  • Dialogue with other growers
  • Tips and secrets from the experienced
  • Opportunity to purchase locally grown tubers and corms
  • Exchange, sharing and trading of tubers and corms
  • Tours of a large variety of dahlia and gladiolus gardens
  • Annual Dahlia and Gladiolus Summer Celebration

Also consider joining the ADS
~ American Dahlia Society ~

American Dahlia Society Member Benefits

  • Access to ‘Members Only’ information
  • Single memberships receive one Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, and quarterly Bulletins
  • Membership to the ADS can be obtained through their own website OR purchased along with your membership in the ADGS
  • The ADS website is fantastic! Worthwhile just for the ‘Classification Site’ alone. You can search dahlias by form, size, or colour and the site usually has a photo of the dahlia you are looking for!

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