Flower Show 2021

Flower Show

 Our annual Flower Show is our BIG event on August 20 & 21, 2021, and the judges’ results will be sent to the American Dahlia Society and recorded. We will need lots of volunteers: “Many hands make light work”.  
  • We need people to help set up the tents, tables and road signage (Thursday Aug 19th); See Mike
  • Volunteers to sit at the info table and give out membership info and answer questions.  See Marilyn
  • We need people to help with the flower sale (starting Saturday at 3 pm). 
  • We need scribes to go with the judges and write down the names of the winners; See Ken
  • Head table helpers will be Ken, Eileen and Earl.
  • We need ‘runners’ to take winning entries to the head table and get other stuff that might be needed by the judges.  
  • Shirley has volunteered to provide the exhibitors with snacks and beverages. 
  • Terri-Lynn has volunteered to handle the photo contest. 
  • We need a few people to just be around to help where needed.   
  • We are going to have a simple “Beef on a Bun” supper for the exhibitors and volunteers on Friday night. We need people for the meal set-up and clean-up
  •   And then we need people to help with the take-down of the event. 
  •  It would be handy to have someone take photos too.

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