In conjunction with our “Summer Celebration” on Aug 6 & 7, 2022 we will be having glad and dahlia judging courses. On Saturday Aug 6 from 10 am to noon we will be having a glad judging course (followed by the arrangement course in the afternoon). Then on Aug 7 (Sunday) we will have a beginners dahlia judging course, one section in the morning and one section in the afternoon (free lunch provided). You will learn about what the classification numbers mean, how to use the classification book, and how to tell the different forms. One of the criteria to having a Trial Garden (and we are the only one in Canada) is that we have a certain number of senior judges. This means that we have to actively promote the judging program. Even if you are not interested in being a ‘judge’ you should take the course so that you know what the forms are and how to use the book. You will better appreciate the beauty of glads and dahlias and develop a keener eye for your own show submissions.

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