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  1. Opportunity to attend free workshops with experienced growers to learn how to propagate, grow, prune, fertilize, show, and store both dahlias and glads.
  2. Likelihood that you will learn some gardening tricks of the trade (e.g. Sea Soil to enhance the soil; Ammonia to kill slug, etc.).
  3. Option to purchase products that have been ordered in bulk or grown by other members (e.g. sea soil, oases, vases, tubers, corms).
  4. Opportunity to visit various gardens around Alberta.
  5. Enjoyment of gardening with others at the Piper Creek Trial Gardens.
  6. Prospect of developing and creating a new variety of dahlia that may be marketed throughout North America.
  7. Option for contact with other gardening associations and accessing their brochures and bulletins (American Dahlia Society, NAGC).
  8. Likelihood of being informed of and attending International Flower Shows
  9. Access to the ADGS website with the potential of contributing articles and information.
  10. Opportunity to both learn about showing flowers and to participate in organizing and taking part in a flower show.
  11. Chance to take free judging courses to become a recognized judge with the American Dahlia Society.


  • You will support the mission and activities of the ADS including; the Dahlia Classification System, research, trial gardens and seedling evaluation thus enabling new dahlias to be released, the network of dahlia shows and judges for the shows.
  • You will be part of a community where you will learn about dahlias, meet fellow dahlia enthusiasts, and have fun!
  • You will receive ADS publications – Bulletins (three per year), the Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, Judging Roster, Show Reports – and have access to a member’s only partition of the ADS website.

 Canadian Gladiolus Society Membership Information

 Membership in the Canadian Gladiolus Society costs $20.00 per individual per year.  Members receive the Canadian Gladiolus Society Annual, the Gladiolus Growers Quarterly, and a vote in person or by proxy at all Annual Meetings.

If interested in membership, please make a cheque payable to the Canadian Gladiolus Society and send it to:

Ron Dodd
PO Box 174
Morrin, Alberta T0J 2B0

Please provide the following information with your cheque:  Name(s); Address; Phone number; and E-mail address.


Membership in the NAGC costs $25 USD per individual per year. Members receive NAGC GLAD WORLD quarterly publications, and $40 free corms with new membership.
If interested in membership, please make a cheque payable to the North American Gladiolus Council and mail to:
Karen Otto,
NAGC Membership Secretary
302 Sandpiper Ct,
Delano, MN 55328-9783

Please provide the following information with your cheque: Name(s); Address; Phone number; and E-mail address.

Visit to learn more.

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