Annual Flower Show

Watch for exciting updates for our annual flower show 2021. We are scheduled to host the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Gladiolus Society AND the 76th Annual North American Gladiolus Council Convention AND the North American Gladiolus Council Western International Show… all at the same time! Of course, some of these events are going to depend on travel/Covid restrictions, and a decision will be made in mid-May.  However, even if our American neighbors can’t come, we are still going to have our annual flower show. If Red Deer venues can’t be open, then we will have it at the Piper Creek Trial Garden (Lorne and Marilyn McArthur’s) – the same as we did in 2020. If we can host the Glad societies, Ken has planned lots of fun events including day trips to see members’ gardens, Ellis Bird Farm, Banff and the Tyrell Museum. Keep posted for more info!