Don’t forget to take photos of your dahlias and glads. We hope to have lots of entries in our Flower Show Aug 20 & 21, and then some will be sent to the NAGC photo contest in October. The photos should be printed 5×7, matted or not doesn’t matter. These are the categories:
Class 1: The Glad Patch
Class 2: Undisseminated Seedlings
Class 3: Macro View – Glad
Class 4: Glads and Children
Class 5: Glads and Critters
Class 6: At the Show – Glads
Class 7: Glad Personalities (People)
Class 8: Glad Occasions
Class 9: Dahlia Portrait
Class 10: Macro- Dahlia
Class 11: In the Garden – Dahlias
Class 12: Dahlia – Artistic Impression (Photoshop ok)
If you can’t print your photos yourself just email them to me and I will print them for you.

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