Trial Garden


There were twenty-one entries this year (2015) with 12 scoring 85+. The highest scoring entry was Echo Marie, a central Alberta entry. It was a vigorous plant with strong, almost over-adequate stems that bloomed mid-season. This plant was excellent for exhibition: hardy; travelled well; and, was able to be shown with two sets of leaves. Every bloom on a Chi Cher was perfect. This plant bloomed early and was prolific. It was popular with the public and the judges. Chi Ma Mere, entered by the same hybridizer , was sparkling but a little susceptible to sunburn. Like Chi Cher, Chi Ma Mere was also prolific and an early bloomer. The single Maely was a huge plant covered in blooms. Echo Melody was a beautiful plant that bloomed early and profusely. There was no problem collecting three blooms for a class and it was perfect for baskets and arrangements. It had good stems and foliage. Yellow Baby was obviously one of the parents. Alberta Dawn amazed everyone with its height. The blooms were perfect and the plants had great stems. The plant bloomed a little later in the season so it provided excellent colour in the fall. Royal blush was an Ontario entry. It was an excellent-sized plant for your home garden. It had lots of prize-winning early blooms, but because it is in a strong competitive class, it will be a little more challenging when exhibiting for ribbons. 

The Alberta Dahlia Glad Society were very pleased that the American Dahlia Society approved the Piper Creek Trial Garden in their province.  Their hope is that this garden will inspire more Canadian growers to hybridize new varieties of dahlias.

Echo Marie B ID Dark Red McArthur 92.10
Chi Cher M FD Dark Red McKittrick 90.30
Chi Ma Mere M FD Purple McKittrick 90.10
Royal Blush M FD Red Field 89.25
Echo Melody MB Yellow McArthur 89.00
Alberta Dawn BB FD Dark Bronze Roberts 88.75
Ferncliff Steve’s BB FD Red Ferncliff Gardens 87.00
Jenalta Harmony CO Dark Blend Lavender Jensen 86.00
Maely S Bicolour Bronze/Dark Pink Savard 85.65


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