2022 Summer Celebration

2022 Summer Celebration Summary

Our annual ‘Summer Celebration’ was held on Aug 6 & 7, 2022 which was Saturday/Sunday and one week later than in past years.  Some people commented that they could not attend in prior years because the event was on a long weekend so we changed it so that it was not interfering with long-weekend plans.  We were fortunate to have Reg & Marlene Powys-Lybbe from High River to join us and do the Gladiolus judging course Saturday morning.   After lunch Marilyn McArthur explained how to make an award-winning arrangement and the approximately 18 people tried their hand at making their own arrangements and they all turned out great!   A fun ‘Viewer’s Choice’ contest followed and Bev Jamieson won!  This was followed by a roast beef supper including salads and desserts supplied by club members.  All this for $20.  **Note for next year don’t order so much beef.

On Sunday Ken Jensen explained how to use the ‘Classification’ book to about twelve people who are interested in learning the judging process.  Lunch was served to those in attendance and then after lunch Ken presented a quick guide to how Dahlias are judged and then Melody Friesen (with Deb Hatt) outlined the different dahlia forms with examples from the show garden.  Ken also presented certificates to those judges who moved up in the program.

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