About Us

We are a group of dahlia and gladiolus enthusiasts in Alberta, Canada! We like to keep our group simple and informal and we meet often at the Piper Creek Trial Garden in Red Deer. In the early Spring we get all our dahlia tubers out of winter storage and swap with each other and sell the extras. In the later Spring we all meet to plant the dahlia tubers and gladiolus corms in the trial garden. Some of these tubers and corms are sent to us from all over Canada and the United States to see how they do in our climate (zone 3). During the summer we meet weekly to maintain the garden and in the late summer we have an annual show where the blooms are judged (as well as the ones we grow in our own gardens) and we have a summer garden party which is open to the public and where we sell the dahlia and glad flowers. We offer courses on all manner of dahlia and gladiolus planting, storing and judging. We get together for other social events also, often lingering over coffee with Lorne & Marilyn McArthur at whose home the trial is located.

Events and Learning All Year Long

We have the only Trial Garden in Canada

Learn tips on storing dahlias from the experts

Hands-on learning workshops at the Trial Gardens

Tour other members' gardens

Annual Flower Show

Judging classes for those who wish to expand their knowledge

Summer celebration with free courses and lots of fun

How-to videos